When booking on skiirr.com, you must accept that the final agreement on payment and delivery of the rented goods will only be made when you receive a confirmation by e-mail. Skiirr.com is therefore entitled to refuse an order if the item is out of stock, if there are several simultaneous bookings, if the price indicated is incorrect, impossible to obtain or for other reasons.
Skiirr.com reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time.
skiirr.com (Legal name: Skiirr ApS) is a danish company:
Skiir ApS
Dalbygade 40A, 2. sal
6000 Kolding. Denmark
You hereby accept that you are dealing with a danish company, governed by and acting under danish law.


All prices indicated are in EUR. Including Austrian VAT of 20% (the equipment is delivered in Austria, so VAT is paid in Austria) We are subject to errors in the prices indicated and we reserve the right to change the prices without notice.


A cookie is a name that refers to the fact that a user's behaviour on a network is recorded by the user himself (on the user's hard disk). In this way, on the server (such as a website) when the user, who is the user, next visits. Non-personally identifiable information is stored in a cookie, but information about the user's behaviour on a website, for example. A username entered to connect to a special section of the site. A cookie is stored on the user's hard drive with the cached files. A cookie is a text file sent to your browser by a web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, or you can choose to disable cookies completely.

On www.skiirr.com, cookies are used to optimize the site and its functionalities. Cookies are used for the following reasons:

Increased ease of use, usabillity
To remember which products are stored in the shopping cart when you shop on the website
To see how many people visit the page and where they come from
To see which keywords on google were used to find the page

In order for you to enter into an agreement with us through the website, you must register with the following personal information:

Your full name (and possibly other family members)
Your private address and the address where the rental is to be delivered
Your mobile phone number
Your email address

Personal data are recorded on skiirr.com and are kept for 5 years, in accordance with the Accounting Act, after which the information is deleted. We record your personal information for the purpose of delivering the rent to you. When we collect personal information through our website, we ensure that it is always collected by giving your explicit consent so that you are fully informed of the information collected and why it is being collected. Personal data is stored in encrypted form.
Personal data is transmitted encrypted to the company.
The following groups of employees have access to the recorded information:

sales and marketing
administration and accounting

The information is not disclosed to third parties. No sensitive personal information is recorded. As a registered user on skiirr.com, you always have the right to object to registration and you have the right to know what information about yourself is being recorded. These rights comply with the law on personal data and you can contact skiirr.com by e-mail: ski@skiirr.com


You are at all times responsible for the rented equipment from the time the rented equipment is delivered to the agreed location.



Renting with Skiirr.com is subject to extreme weather conditions that may prevent us from delivering the rented equipment within the agreed time frame.


According to the Danish Electronic Commerce Act, there is generally a 14-day right of withdrawal on the Internet. However, this does not apply to services relating to leisure facilities, cf. Article 18, paragraph 1, of the Law on Consumer Contracts. 12 and 17 (1). 2nd


All goods rented at skiirr.com are covered by our guarantee, and our full insurance included. Should any damage occur to the rented goods that are not related to normal wear and usage, please contact immediately for a replacement within the limit of available stocks. If a replacement or repair is impossible, skiirr.com will reimburse you either by means of a rental voucher for any other shop or money back for the period of damage.

This guarantee/insurance covers:

any damage that might occur to the goods rented and reserved, whether:
- partial, i.e. which requires professional action to make the goods fit for use;
- total, i.e. the goods has become unfit for use and cannot be repaired for less than the price of new goods.
any theft of a part or all of one of the goods;
With regards to cases of theft, the original declaration established by the police station or gendarmerie must be transmitted to skiirr.com within forty-eight hours (48 h) following the declaration.


The renter must notify skiirr.com within 24 (twenty-four) hours of the damage, accident or theft. The renter agrees to establish a statement of breakage or theft with skiirr.com, preferably by email.


The following are excluded from the skiirr.com guarantee:

Cases of loss, forgetting, substitution of the rented goods;
Cases of damages resulting from non-confirming use of the goods rented;
Cases of damages resulting from voluntary acts by the renter or persons for whom they are responsible.
In these cases, the renter shall be required to reimburse the full replacement (total) value of the goods. This amount should be entirely paid to skiirr.com.


skiirr.com reserves the right to suspend, delay, modify or cancel the execution of the order in case of events or circumstances of force majeure or an act of God or circumstances contractually similar to cases of force majeure or an act of God even if they might not fit the legal definition such as: fire, independent work stoppage against the will of the company or any of their suppliers or subcontractors, flooding, epidemic, war, requisitioning, strike, storm, tornado, earthquake, revolution, theft of some or all of the equipment, interruption or delay in transports, transport damage, lack of raw materials, tooling accident, lack of fuel or any other source of energy, as well as in case of any external circumstances or event, against the will of skiirr.com, that might occur subsequent to the finalisation of the agreement, preventing execution under normal conditions.

It is hereby specified that, under such conditions, the renter cannot claim any indemnity and cannot bring any actions for recourse against skiirr.com.

In case any of the above-mentioned events occurs, skiirr.com shall do their utmost to inform the renter as soon as possible.