How does it work?

Save time with

Your time at your ski vacation is valuable, so let us help you get the most of it. You can book your skis from home in all peacefulness.
Skip the line at the ski shop and have your rented skis, ski boots and other equipment delivered directly at your hotel or your apartment at your vacation address. Now just sit back and relax.
If you have any questions, we are right here, ready to help in our chat function.

How do I pick the right size?

In your booking, you need to choose which “ski package” you wish, depending on your level of expertise.
If you wish to rent ski boots, you need to enter your shoe size. Watch our video about shoe size here.
If you are bringing your own ski boots, you need to enter the length of your ski boots, which is located on the lower side, bottom or the back (heel) of your ski boot.
Finally, you enter your height and weight, so that we can adjust the ski binding correctly.

Booking and delivery

Book your skis online and sit back and relax. We will deliver your rented skis and equipment to your vacation address before you arrive.
When your vacation is over, you simply place your equipment on the same spot, where you received it. Then will come and pick it up. It doesn’t get any easier than that. 
Booking for the young ones? Watch this video


From the information you have given us in your booking (such as height, weight and level of expertise), we adjust your skis. If you also book your ski boots with us, we make sure that your skis and boot match.
If you bring your own ski boots, we will from the numbers you apply in your booking, adjust your skis without having your ski boot in our possession. See this page for help on length
If your ski bindings need a small adjustment, you can very easily adjust it yourself, it’s only a gentle pressure and a push. It only takes 10 seconds.


If your skis or your boots don’t fit you, you can email, call or text us, (find numbers etc here under contact) and then make arrangements with our talented staff about a replacement. You can arrange to meet up at your hotel/apartment or by the ski lift. We are here for you and we are flexible.