All goods rented at skiirr.com are covered by our guarantee, and our full insurance included. Should any damage occur to the rented goods that are not related to normal wear and usage, please contact immediately for a replacement within the limit of available stocks. If a replacement or repair is impossible, skiirr.com will reimburse you either by means of a rental voucher for any other shop or money back for the period of damage.

This guarantee/insurance covers:

any damage that might occur to the goods rented and reserved, whether:
- partial, i.e. which requires professional action to make the goods fit for use;
- total, i.e. the goods has become unfit for use and cannot be repaired for less than the price of new goods.
any theft of a part or all of one of the goods;
With regards to cases of theft, the original declaration established by the police station or gendarmerie must be transmitted to skiirr.com within forty-eight hours (48 h) following the declaration.


The renter must notify skiirr.com within 24 (twenty-four) hours of the damage, accident or theft. The renter agrees to establish a statement of breakage or theft with skiirr.com, preferably by email.


The following are excluded from the skiirr.com guarantee:

Cases of loss, forgetting, substitution of the rented goods;
Cases of damages resulting from non-confirming use of the goods rented;
Cases of damages resulting from voluntary acts by the renter or persons for whom they are responsible.
In these cases, the renter shall be required to reimburse the full replacement (total) value of the goods. This amount should be entirely paid to skiirr.com.